The Masha Krupp Translation Group Ltd. (MKTG) has decades of experience providing translation services over a wide variety of subject areas and document types, and across all types of media. More than 100 government and private-sector clients have come to rely on our superior translations, meticulous service and expert project management that guarantees we will meet your deadline.

Our History

In 1992, MKTG was incorporated. Working from the basement of her home with three employees, Masha Krupp set out to fulfill her ambition of providing a high quality translation service to both the Canadian public and private sectors.

Since then, MKTG has provided public and private sector clients with top-quality linguistic services, including translation, localization, adaptation and revision of documents to become the largest Canadian-owned translation management firm in the country.

Our Goal

MKTG's principal task is to translate, edit and proofread documents in French and English for government and private sector clients. We also offer expert services in 90 other languages including Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

MKTG delivers content across all media – Microsoft Word format for press releases, print-ready PDFs for advertising, audio files for podcasts, Adobe Flash for deployment to a website, and more. Our translations always capture the seriousness, playfulness, enthusiasm and other nuances of the original content, translating it to suit the target language, media and audience.

Our Philosophy

This deep experience informs all aspects of our business, and means we understand better than most the value of hiring only top-quality staff and of adhering to strict quality assurance guidelines that guarantee customer satisfaction.

We also understand the importance of the linguistic nuances of French versus English or Russian versus Spanish – and that every document must accurately convey a language's culture. As part of our commitment to provide expert localization services, our system of task distribution pairs the unique requirements of your job with a scrupulously trained translator eager to expertly adapt your document.

Terrific service – unbelievable response at all hours and a darn fine product!

Public Safety CanadaSeptember 2013

Our 25-plus years of experience has taught us the value of adding extras where possible so clients understand we are the only contractor who can truly meet their needs.


As the leading provider of translation services in Canada, MKTG seeks continually to raise the bar by demonstrating total commitment to the needs and wants of every client, by hiring only the strongest candidates in each service area, and by completing our work in the fastest time possible.


Good business performance involves more than skill and efficiency. The best businesses also adhere to the highest standards of professional communication and conduct. For Masha Krupp – and all her staff – integrity is an all-or-nothing concept: you're honest or you're not. We bring a commitment of integrity to all the work we do. And we back our promise with a guarantee of satisfaction, 24/7, 365 days a year. No exceptions.


At MKTG, we believe that helping others succeed is just as important as our personal and corporate achievements. That's why we support more than 50 charities in Ottawa, across Canada and around the world. We donate 10 to 15 percent of our annual operating profits, giving back to the community we serve and helping it grow alongside our fortunes.

Corporate Responsibility

To the Environment

We believe in keeping our planet a clean and safe world for future generations. We live our corporate philosophy espousing the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainable resource management at every level of our organization.

Renewable Energy

We are proud to have lead our competition in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2006, we became the first translation agency in Ottawa – and one of only 11 organizations in Ontario – to participate in the Pembina’s Wind Power program.

Having now partnered with Bullfrog Power, we use wind power for all electrical use at our office. Bullfrog sources power exclusively from generators that meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. Bullfrog Power comes from clean, emission-free sources such as wind power and low-impact water power rather than from carbon-intensive sources such as coal and oil.

Since becoming 100 percent "bullfrogpowered", we have reduced our annual climate-change and smog-causing emissions footprint by approximately 58,500 kg of CO2, 172.8 kg of SO2, and 74.5 kg of NO.

Zero Waste

We have a goal to contribute nothing as a company to landfills. We have recycled all paper waste since it began doing business more than 23 years ago. When documents are destroyed, the confetti-sized particles remaining are transferred to a recycling facility, where they are returned to the marketplace in the form of recycled paper products. By 2013, our paper recycling program now saves 109 trees per year.

We also exclusively use recycled paper containing 100 percent post-consumer waste. All plastic, glass, metal cardboard, and food waste generated at our MKTG office is sorted and recycled through the sustained efforts of a committed team of MKTG employee volunteers.

To the Community

We believe that helping others succeed is just as important as attaining own achievements. By donating 10 to 15 percent of our operating profits to support more than 50 local, national, and international causes, we know the community we serve will grow alongside our own fortunes. The causes we support and work with provide local art, sports, and school breakfast programs and help disadvantaged and impoverished peoples.

MKTG Christmas Celebration

In 2014, we decided to have a different kind of company Christmas event. Instead of throwing an expensive staff Christmas party, we thought it would be more fun to bring the celebration to the children and families who need a helping hand at Christmas. We teamed up with Britannia Baptist Church, The Metropolitan Bible Church, Tag-Along Toys, Tulips & Maple and Otto’s BMW. Together, we provide a Christmas celebration and gifts for dozens of less-fortunate single mothers and their kids.

Ottawa’s Got Talent

We organize the light-hearted talent gala in partnership with local businesses and philanthropists with a target to raise $30,000 or more for the Ottawa Food Bank. This translates into over 110,000 kg of food for in-need families. The evening is hosted by CBC personality Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, and features talented individuals, alongside MKTG staff, taking the stage. The evening also features a gourmet dinner, silent auction, 50-50 draw, and a major raffle that has featured long-weekend trips to New York City and NFL weekends in Denver.

Amethyst Track Challenge

"As a local businesswoman, I wanted to help an organization that supports women and children in the community," explained Masha. "This event was a wonderful opportunity for CEOs and executives to network with one another, and with their staff, while supporting an important organization."

Our CEO Masha focused on the “fun” in fundraising by closing the office for a day and paying all employees to participate in the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre Track Challenge. Held at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility, it featured dozens of corporate Ottawa teams competing in track and field like the always hilarious 50m CEO challenge, longer runs for endurance buffs, long jump, baseball throw, and (an aptly named) corporate tug of war. Ongoing from 2008 to 2012, the event raised more than $250,000 for Amethyst and its programs.


Wow... what efficiency... thanks a lot!

Correctional Service CanadaJanuary 2018

Here are the talented individuals who make up The Masha Krupp Translation Group Ltd. (MKTG) leadership team. The depth of experience that our managers bring makes us the best translation management firm not only in Ottawa, but in all of Canada.

Leaders in the Translation Industry

Thank you once again for your prompt and quality translation services. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Environment CanadaNovember 2014

Join our growing roster of public and private sector clients who have come to depend on The Masha Krupp Translation Group Ltd.'s (MKTG) quick turnaround and outstanding customer service. It won't be long before you understand why so many organizations trust MKTG with their most critical documents.

Wow... what efficiency... thanks a lot!

Correctional Service CanadaJanuary 2018


Issued 2009

This certification is valid in North America and Europe and is reviewed every two years. The National Standard of Canada, CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008 establishes and defines the requirements for the provision of translation services by translation service providers (TSPs) and is applicable to organizations as well as individuals providing the translation services described therein.

CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008 includes all applicable definitions, including the following key sections: on human resources, technical competencies, quality management systems (QMS), client-TSP relationship, project management procedures and the translation process, as follows:

  • Human Resources

    Establishes that the TSP should follow documented procedures when selecting individuals for each translation project and should ensure the maintenance and updating of competencies (linguistic and textual, research, cultural, technical) of all translators, revisors and reviewers.
  • Technical Competencies

    Includes the capacity to handle electronic data storage and retrieval, word processing, computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, electronic data transfer, research tools, as well as equipment competencies such as safe handling, storage, archiving and disposal of hardware/software and information sources/media.
  • Quality Management Systems

    Describes, among other points, the statement of objectives, handling process for client information/documentation, HR qualification process, terminology process and databases, quality assurance and follow-up/corrective action.
  • Client-TSP Relationship

    The standard establishes the process for handling and processing requests, documented procedures for feasibility analysis, quotations, availability of human and technical resources, agreements, invoicing and recording, client’s role/responsibilities, qualifications of personnel, source text, target audience, quality assurance (QA), confidentiality, deadlines, deliverables, pricing and terms of payment and termination, terminology, copyright and liability issues, dispute settlement, handling of client’s documentation, special requirements.
  • TSP Project Management Procedures

    Describes the client requirements, statements of work (SOW), project manager’s role, assigning of translators/revisors/reviewers and technical resources, monitoring, timetables, updating client, QMS and procedure compliance, archiving and invoicing, compliance with client-TSP agreement, maintaining client project-specific log, selecting appropriate HR as per project requirements.
  • Translation Process

    Includes certain mandatory procedures such as the gathering of relevant reference documents and information regarding source text, compliance with similar and concurrent projects, end-users/target audience and purpose, local conventions, regional standards, syntax, spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, lexicology, style, formatting, specific domain and client terminology, applicable style guides, checking, revision, review and final reading.

ISO 17100:2015

Issued 2015

ISO 17100:2015 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications.

Application of ISO 17100:2015 also provides the means by which a translation service provider (TSP) can demonstrate conformity of specified translation services to ISO 17100:2015 and the capability of its processes and resources to deliver a translation service that will meet the client's and other applicable specifications.

Applicable specifications can include those of the client, of the TSP itself, and of any relevant industry codes, best-practice guides, or legislation.

The use of raw output from machine translation plus post-editing is outside the scope of ISO 17100:2015.

ISO 17100:2015 does not apply to interpreting services.