Fitting right into your busy ecosystem of partners, suppliers, customers, clients and in-house resources, we at Nations Translation Group (NTG) work hard to understand your overall communication goals and needs.

We would like to thank you for the excellent translation service we received. The translator did an excellent job and their attention to detail is admirable.

Environment CanadaDecember 2014


Experience delivering excellence

NTG currently employs 90 full-time staff and 65 associates, who help us when demand is particularly high or when we are asked to translate an unusual language. A majority of our linguistic service providers have more than a decade of translation experience, and all hold degrees in translation or related disciplines and/or have professional accreditation.

One-stop, round-the-clock service for a global community

NTG operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with a large on-site staff. We are equipped to provide high volume, same-day, overnight and weekend translation and revision services, as well as writing and transcription services in more than 80 languages.

Industry technology

The foundation of our business is our enterprise-grade IT and infrastructure for translation, security, task management and team collaboration so that we can work most effectively with and on behalf of our clients.

Just wanted to thank the team so much for the great service! The document will be finalized today and I so appreciate your dedication to meeting the deadline.

GBA Development and Project ManagementAugust 2013

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