Message From The President

Happy 2017! Since our last newsletter, a whole lot has happened at The Masha Krupp Translation Group (MKTG) and we're proud to report that business is better than ever. If you asked me to sum it all up in a few words, here's what I'd say: "Expansion. Streamlining. Celebration."

We've continued to expand on many fronts to supply an increasing demand in Ottawa and across Canada for multilingual translation services. We won an important contract for a federal government agency in Quebec, which has greatly expanded the demand at MKTG for French to English translation. That's a switch, as much of our past business has been English to French. We certainly relish the new challenge! And, as Canada began to welcome thousands of Syrian refugees in late 2015, our Arabic translation service also began to expand.

As these business developments took place, we put huge energy into streamlining our services. We've made major improvements to our management software, streamlining it to meet the demands of our growing business – and so we can continue to provide clients with the highest levels of service and quality in the translation industry, no matter how busy we get.

On the celebration front, most of our big fun took the form of charity events: one of our most rewarding events was our 2015 Christmas party for Ottawa kids and moms. We also started to look in earnest into how MKTG can contribute to Ottawa's considerable refugee settlement effort. Helping refugees is a cause close to my own heart, as my parents found refuge in this wonderful country that has shaped my life and career.

In other news, we're recruiting, as usual, as we win new contracts. And we continue to be the largest privately held translation company in the country.

A huge thank you and congratulations to my excellent staff and leadership team for creating so much positivity in 2015. And a big thank you to all of our clients who have placed their trust in us. We're looking ahead to even greater things this year as we gear up to celebrate our 25th birthday next March.

- Masha Krupp